Sharing the Holidays with a Loved One - The Bipolar Question of the Week

John McManamy Health Guide
  • For a change, I will be sharing the holidays with a loved one. Over the years, I have become habituated to tuning out the holidays. Like many of you, I hardly need to be reminded of how alone I usually am this time of year.


    This year is different. Last week, I actually went out and bought a small Christmas tree and ornaments and decorated it with my special someone. In a little while, I will be headed over to her place to enjoy her tree, and her company.


    I know our holidays will be very special together, but still - I’m out of practice with this, and can use your help. I can be very good at being happy, but I’m not very good at being happy on cue. There are no end to holiday social rituals, so many cues that are easy to miss, so many potential missteps, so many opportunities to disappoint.

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    Here I am - blessed to have someone special in my life this time of year - fretting. Then again, with our illness, depressive rumination comes with the territory. If I didn’t worry, I would be out of character. 


    So here’s the question:


    For those of you sharing the holidays with a loved one - what steps do you take to make the experience special? Or to merely survive? What do you need to look out for to avoid disaster?


    Yes, it says under my name that I’m the Health Guide, but I’m the one who can use your guidance. Seriously. Comments below ... 

Published On: December 09, 2012