Friends in Your Life - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • We know how important it is to have friends. Then it occurred to me. What is a friend? Rather than try to figure this out by myself, I thought I would ask you. But first this little story:


    Over a period of two decades, the great operatic composer Giacomo Puccini collaborated on many projects with the conductor Arturo Toscanini. These included the premiers of La Boheme and The Girl of the Wild West, plus numerous performances of Madame Butterfly and Manon. 


    Their relationship blew hot and cold. One time, during a particularly frosty stretch, Puccini, found himself embarrassed to learn he had neglected to remove the conductor’s name from his Christmas guest list. Too late, a present had been sent. In haste, Puccini sent the following telegram:

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    "Panettone sent by mistake - Puccini."


    Toscanini replied: "Panettone eaten by mistake - Toscanini." 


    In 1926, Toscanini conducted the premier of Turandot, which had been completed after Puccini’s death by another composer. When he arrived at Puccini’s last note, the maestro put down his baton, turned to the audience, and announced. “At this point, Puccini died.” He then marched out of the pit.


    Ah, friends ...


    Question: Friends in your life - tell us about it.


    If friendships are not present in your life, feel free to tell us about that, too.


    Comments below ...

Published On: April 29, 2013