Cultivating Your Life - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • Pruning is a very essential element in cultivating life. Our personal lives are no exception, especially if we expect to keep growing. Typically, the choices are painful, ones that take us well outside our comfort zones, leaving a lot that is precious to us behind. Then we adjust and new things open up. 


    I experienced one of these transitions three years ago when I moved into a new place. Along with a new location (actually only 15 miles down the road), I developed some new routines, not to mention new expectations. This wasn’t exactly easy. I miss a lot of the stuff I left behind. But here I am today, where I belong.

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    A few weeks ago, I came to a painful decision regarding my board service to a local advocacy organization. My involvement with this organization has been a source of tremendous satisfaction for me, but I also recognized I had reached burn-out. It was time to acknowledge reality. I served notice. Six months from now, after four-and-a-half years, there will be a hole in my life. 


    It was the right choice. This is what pruning is all about. Something new will grow in the space I opened up, something that will help me grow. In the meantime, I can ease back and enjoy my temporarily less complicated life. 


    Let’s make this a very open-ended question: Pruning back your life - tell us about it. 


    Painful decisions, what came out of it, stuff you are going through right now, insights you have acquired - feel free to write a book. Comments below ...

Published On: June 02, 2013