Why Kids Make Us Better Adults - Our Toys Simply Get Bigger

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  • I know this happens to all of you: You walk into a nursery to get hanging plants for your balcony and next thing you’re asked to play didgeridoo at the local farmer’s market. This happened to me about a month ago (you can read about it here).


    I’m still waiting for a major record company to call, and I’m sure it won’t be long. In the meantime, something better has happened - I’m playing with kids. This happened on my first “gig” when I asked a group of girls to join me. The kids took turns banging on a drum and making coyote howls into a spare didgeridoo aimed at the mike. Call it inspired noise. The guy who runs the farmer’s market loved it and asked me to come back.

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    The next week, I brought more noise-makers, including clap sticks and a rattle. Now toddlers could join in.   


    Last week, I had a nine-year-old do beatbox into my spare didge. The kid was a natural. Not only that, he got a decent drone going. Then he tapped into his inner Mozart and actually started accompanying me. The kid will be back. I have a home-made didge from a PVC pipe for him when he returns.


    Below is my newest band-mate.



    The secret to being an adult, I believe, is never forgetting what it was like to be a kid. For that, it helps to have kids around us. We are never too old to play as kids play - our toys simply get bigger.

Published On: June 23, 2013