Your Summer Reading - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • I have a confession to make. A few months ago, I downloaded my first Harry Potter book into my ancient Kindle. I couldn’t stop reading. Next thing, I was inhaling my fourth Harry Potter. 


    Okay, I thought, time to take a Harry Potter break. After all, I had commitments, obligations. I went to collect my junk mail. There, sitting atop the mail boxes, was the fifth Harry Potter. I’m not making this up. I mentioned this to the love of my life. It turns out she had two Harry Potters in the house - the sixth and seventh.


    I finished the series, then searched for in vain for the prequel. (What?? No prequel??!!) Then, I thought, someone out there has to be writing this sort of thing for adults. That’s when I discovered Terry Pratchett.

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    I had a brand new iPad. I went to Amazon and downloaded Small Gods. The Great God Om attempts to manifest on Discworld as a bull, but the best he can do is a tortoise, stripped of his divine powers. I was hooked. In a second-hand bookshop, I picked up Thud! Here, the commander of the City Watch in the Discworld city of Ankh-Morpork needs to sort out escalating tensions between the town’s dwarf and troll populations. His fellow officers include a werewolf, a human raised as a dwarf, and a new-recruit vampire. The werewolf has serious issues with allowing a vampire on the force.


    You see where this is going: I loaded into my iPad the first in the City Watch series, this time a mystery-love story involving the captain of the watch and an eccentric noblewoman who breeds swamp dragons. The dragons have a tendency to explode if you are not careful. 


    More Pratchett books followed, including one involving three quarreling witches. Last night I finished Unseen Academicals. Somewhere out there, half a summer has rolled by without my knowing it. Such has been my summer reading. There is a question in this:


    Your summer reading. New discoveries, old favorites. Go for it.


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Published On: July 22, 2013