Electronic Gadgets in Your Life - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • My iPhone is sitting in a bowl of fruit being charged. The fruit bowl serves as one charging station, a night table as another, and a candle sconce another. Speaking of charging ...


    Last night, my sweetheart returned from two weeks in Alaska. She and 26 others were out in the middle of nowhere, hiking, kayaking, sleeping in tents. The most urgent need for the people on the trip was to get to a charging station. Everyone had a phone, of course. Many people had as many as three electronic gadgets.


    The charging stations on the two buses couldn’t handle the demand. 


    Apparently, the sole purpose of an Alaska wilderness trip for a good many people was to check messages, post on FaceBook, fiddle with apps, and take photos. I can’t help but wonder if they actually experienced Alaska. My sweetheart doesn’t think they did.

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    Have we entirely lost all sense of perspective?


    Question: Have electronic gadgets taken over your life? Are you ready to take back your life? 


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Published On: July 29, 2013