Kitchen Therapy - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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    Let me get in a quick plug for doing your own cooking. For me, there are four benefits: I eat healthier, the food tastes better, it is a sure-fire stress-buster, and I have the satisfaction of a job well done. 


    Last evening I was busy preparing my “Green Meatloaf Wellington.” This involved frying up three different greens (spinach, chard, and kale), then adding sautéed Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted walnuts, and home-fried potatoes, plus fresh mint. I usually throw in two eggs for binding, but this was a very large batch so I cracked open four. Then whatever seasonings struck my fancy.

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    At this stage I could have opted to put the mixture in a meatloaf pan (and drizzle the top with honey or barbecue sauce) and bake. But last week I discovered puff pastry, which accounts for the “Wellington” part of my green meatloaf.


    Okay, this is why it’s easy to diagnose me as bipolar without doing a clinical screening: I decided that rather than go out and buy puff pastry I would make it myself. I had butter, I had flour, I had a rolling pin - why not? It’s a ridiculously involved effort, but I got into a meditative flow, which put me into a relaxed head space.


    A relaxed head space is always good.


    My puff pastry came out rather nonlinear. And my solution to getting the green filling inside was, uh, novel. But when I took my creation out of the oven and helped myself to a slice - ah! Main course and dessert rolled into one.


    Today, in the interests of time, I’ve opted for the store-bought pastry. This afternoon, I will wrap my pastry into two Wellingtons (each about the size and shape of a loaf), brush on an egg wash, and pop in the oven on baking trays. I will bake till golden brown, allow to cool, then carve into slices. Then off with my pot-luck offering to our local didgeridoo tribal gathering.


    Any bets on how much will be left?


    Question: Your experiences in the kitchen. (Feel free to include your disasters.) 


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Published On: August 03, 2013