Are You Highly Sensitive? - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • I’m writing this piece ahead of time. By the time you read it, I will be in the Oregon woods surrounded by mobs of didgeridoo-wielding festival-goers. I know, I know - you read about this stuff all the time. 


    There is nothing like being amongst my tribe, but introverts such as myself typically face special challenges. It’s not that we’re not social or sociable - it’s just that being around people for extended periods of time can be emotionally draining. On one hand, I will get excited and want to join in on everything. On the other, I will need to chill.


    Fortunately, the didgeridoo people understand. We are, after all, a singular breed who enjoy sitting alone in a quiet place blowing into a piece of pipe.

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    I’ve written about introversion a number of times here at HealthCentral, but this week I came across a related issue involving “highly sensitive people” (HSP). I started reading and - oh my! - this sounds like me.


    So here I am, already dealing with depressed and crazy as well as being an introvert with a didgeridoo, and now I have HSP to go with it. I think it’s a package deal with introversion. Sensitivity, we know, has its virtues (think Frederic Chopin), but - oh my! - the vulnerabilities (think Chopin, again). 


    Obviously I have something to write about when I return home. But I would like to hear from you, first. I will continue to do my own reading, but - as always - you are the true experts. 


    Question: Do you regard yourself as a sensitive person? If so, can you give me an indication of the challenges you face, as well as any blessings? What about your encounters with sensitive people? Anything to watch out for?


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Published On: August 09, 2013