TV and Radio in Your Life - The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • Yesterday, I posted on highly sensitive persons (HSP). Basically, our brains pick up on subtle changes in the environment, far more so than those deemed “normal.” There are many advantages to this (such as creativity and a profound appreciation for beauty), but the downside is that we are easily overwhelmed. On a self-test, I answered “true” to 26 of 27 questions. Those who posted comments (here and on Facebook) reported similarly high scores.


    In researching HSP, I was struck by the parallels to bipolar. My guess is that there is considerable overlap.  


    On a related point: I do not have a TV or radio in my place. I cannot possibly fathom why the rest of society regards these intrusions as normal. My home is my sanctuary. I like to hear myself think. It is also where I recover from the mindless yap-yap blah-blah yada-yada-yada of the outside world. Similarly, when I am driving, the radio is off.

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    I can go on and on. The point is that if we have a condition where overstimulation is part of our problem, then maybe we should be looking for solutions. Regulating our own personal environment would be a start. Question:


    Would you be willing to consider a TV/radio-free month?


    Note: I am not judging here. I know TV can be a way of paradoxically tuning out our world, and I would be interested in your insights. I also know that TV and radio serve beneficial uses. Again, I am interested in your views. You’ve heard mine. Let’s have a conversation. Comments below ...


Published On: August 18, 2013