Is Your Head in the Clouds? - The Bipolar Question of the Week

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Perhaps you’ve been told you have your head in the clouds. If I were an Indian, this would be my name: Head In The Clouds. I have serious issues with people named Feet On the Ground.


    Anyway, a few evenings ago, I ventured outdoors. The summer heat had dissipated somewhat. The air was pleasant, with a brisk hint of electricity. I looked up and beheld an amazing fluffy golden cloud, refulgent in the last rays of the sun.


    I was looking up toward some nearby peaks - cloud-catchers. Usually, the clouds stay around the coast. But on those occasions they pass by - oh, what a show. I did a long circuit of the nearby streets. By the time I faced the direction of my original cloud, the sky was dark.

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    But the cloud, still there, was as light as ever. Only it was glowing with a different light - lightening. Lightning, no thunder. Streaks of lightning, flashbulb pops, strobes. The show was spectacular. 


    A night or two before, I was treated to a full moon partly obscured by a mist of cloud. The effect was looking at a delicate yin-yang symbol in the sky. I could go on and on, but I want to hear your stories. Please check out this ten-minute TED video and get back to me. Comments below ...


Published On: August 24, 2013