You at Age 91: The Bipolar Question of the Week

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Sometimes standing in a check-out line can be inspirational. Yesterday, as I was emptying my shopping cart, I found myself joking with the guy behind me. Ramrod straight, upbeat, quick on the uptake. He informed me he was 91.


    No way! 75 at most. A lady came up behind him and greeted him by name. He started flirting with the lady. The kids bagging my groceries were cracking up.


    Oh, if we can all be like this at 91. Of course, some people are dealt a better hand than others. Then again, we need to make the most of the hand we are dealt. Out in the parking lot, I started thinking doing some of my own deep thinking - life, mortality, people I knew. Then the big question: Can I imagine myself at 91? Dare I imagine myself at 91?

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    Why don’t we make a question out of this:


    Try to imagine yourself at age 91. Will you be standing in a check-out line, joking with the 60-something whipper-snapper in front of you, flirting with guy/gal behind you?


    Dream away. Comments below ... 

Published On: September 15, 2013