Your Relationship Insights: The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • This is a quick post on relationships ...


    Okay, so today I was in the supermarket check-out line. “Don’t take too much money off of me,” I joked to the cashier. But when you run out of five flavors of tea bags at the same time, you know you are going to get hit hard.


    Then there was the matter of the razor blades. I swear - I have paid less for dental work than what I shelled out for these babies. For what I paid, someone should do all my shaving for me. Of course, I could have opted for the less expensive blades, you know the ones that rip your face apart and still leave hair, together with the feeling that you’ve got ants crawling beneath your skin.

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    For single men, getting the cheap blades is a no-brainer. 


    I dropped the expensive blades in my cart. The things we do for the loves of our lives. Wouldn't have it any other way.




    When it comes to relationships, we are all beginners. Why don’t we help each other out. Question: What are your latest relationship insights?


    Those who are not in a relationship - please feel free to jump into the conversation, too.


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Published On: October 05, 2013