The Red Sox: My Role in Breaking the Curse of the Bambino

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  • I understand a World Series is taking place. As you can probably tell, I’m not much of a sports buff, but this doesn’t stop me from occasionally writing about the topic. For instance, back in 2007, I posted here on HealthCentral, My Life as a Red Sox Fan. I even posted a follow-up, entitled My Wretched Life as a Red Sox Fan.


    My first post described seeing Ted Williams at bat in 1958 when I was eight years old. My second post recounted the highly improbable 1967 race for the American League pennant.


    As I understand it, a lot has happened since then. In fact, it has come to my attention that the Sox are poised to win their third World Series championship in the space of a decade.

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    As some of you may know, prior to 2004, the Sox had not won a World Series since 1918. This was due to the fact that a curse was in existence - the Curse of the Bambino. This was the result of the Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1919. The Yankees won their first World Series four years later, then 26 more. 


    Ask anyone who lives in New England, where I grew up - the curse is true.


    What you may not know is that I am responsible for breaking that curse. This occurred when I married into a Yankees household in 2004. A World Series for the ages. But what if the curse returned? No problem. I got my divorce papers in 2007. Another World Series championship.


    No, you don’t have to thank me, but if you would like to send me money I won’t object.


    I am not sure how I am involved in this current Red Sox turn of fate. I like to think both of us have moved on, but you never know. Causation is a strange thing. Dig down below the surface, and - who knows? - that quantum butterfly flapping its wings in obscurity could be you.




    We all have our sports stories, even if we are not sports fans. Feel free to share your favorites. Comments below ...    


Published On: October 29, 2013