Looking After the Home Front: The Bipolar Question of the Week

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  • Impulse buying can have some unintended consequences. In my case, this happened to involve a bit of living room redecoration. Let me explain:


    Yesterday, while taking a stroll in San Diego’s Balboa Park, I happened upon the American Indian Cultural Days Powwow. I love these kinds of surprises. Anyway, I made a circuit of the booths, thinking I might want to purchase a tee-shirt, and well ... this beautiful frame drum called me.


    A frame drum is a hide stretched over a wooden hoop. The hide from this one came from a buffalo. In the sun, the drum took on the glow of warm burnished bronze. I gave it a thunk. It was love at first thunk.

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    We’re not talking any old thunk. We’re talking OM of the universe thunk, word made flesh thunk, super-string theory quantum thunk, the mother of all thunk - am I making myself clear?


    So, on to the second part of my story: Where do I put my new drum? 


    In my living room, I have a nook that I have dedicated to my didgeridoos, a trombone, and a couple of drums. Clearly, I needed to make more space. Out came a section of IKEA bookcase, which I moved to my bedroom. Up on the wall went my new pride and joy. Then fiddling with didgeridoos and stuff. Then more fiddling.


    Fiddle, fiddle ... perfect. Home sweet home.


    Three years ago, as a Question of the Week, I posted a piece about depression-proofing your home. “Think of your home as treatment,” I wrote. “What about your special personal place? Inner sanctum or prison cell?”


    Our environments are challenging enough without making a risk-factor out of the one spot on earth where it’s okay to put our feet on the table. Our home is our refuge, our safe spot. This is where we heal, reset our brains, decompress, re-energize. There is a question (or two or three) in this:


    Your home environment - how have you enlisted it in your recovery? What home environment tips can you recommend? What are the challenges you face in making your home environment work for you? 


    Comments below ... 

Published On: May 12, 2014