Coping with the Holidays and Winter Depression: Some Quick Reminders

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  • Halloween is over, which means the Santa decorations are out, plus we have Thanksgiving to contend with.


    Not only that, we just set our clocks back an hour, which poses its own set of challenges.


    This is an extremely trying time of the year. The entire human race is far too busy, on edge, trying to cram in way too many obligations into the tail end of a calendar that ran out of days sometime in September. 


    Everyone expects way too much of us, yet no one wants to know us.


    Plus, if you have experienced any kind of personal loss, it will hit you hard and deep this time of year.


    As if all that is not enough, we are expected to do our coping in the dark, without the benefit of the sun.

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    Back in 2009, I wrote this piece on getting through the holidays. More recently, I posted on dealing with winter depression.


    If you are adept at handling the holidays, now is a good time to go through your various stay-well check-lists. If you can use a hand, do not feel shy about reaching out. We are all different, which means we need to be creative in our coping. But we’re all in this together. If you have come up with something that works for you, please feel free to share it with us.


    Likewise, do not be afraid to seek out the advice of our community. We grow wiser in the presence of one another.


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Published On: November 04, 2014