Jammin' with the Scientists

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  • Warning: Didgeridoo alert ...


    But this is different. This morning, I received a strange tweet: Someone needed a didgeridoo to play at a certain medical conference in town. The author of the tweet pointed an @ straight at me.


    I know, we all get these requests all the time.


    I looked up the conference she was referring to - Exponential Medicine, with an all-star speaking list. Sample seminar - “Personalized, Crowdsourced, and Precision Medicine.” The author of the tweet informed me she was organizing an evening drum circle on the beach for the conference.


    You get the picture, all these top doctors and scientists banging on drums. And you thought drum circles were a hippie thing.

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    It turns out one of the attendees needs a didgeridoo. That’s where I come in: I am a didgeridoo-player. When there is a didgeridoo emergency, I am there. 


    So tonight and possibly tomorrow night, I will be hanging out with the smart people, making joyful noise, but also asking a lot of questions. Recently, I posted two pieces on the health and healing benefits of music and dance and drumming (and didgeridoo):


    Drumming for Depression

    Drumming, the Brain, and Mental Health


    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of incorporating music and dance into our recovery. The wisdom is ancient, our knowledge personal, but the science is catching up fast. I hope to come back from tonight and tomorrow night with a lot more insights. Stay tuned ...

Published On: November 10, 2014