An Antidote to the News: A Personal Media-Free Day

John McManamy Health Guide
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    We survived Thanksgiving. Now we have to survive the news. The little bit that I allow to link through has been very disturbing, capable of awakening no end of negative emotions.


    Not good, if you’re contending with a mood disorder.


    So, a little perspective: Society is best served with a well-informed public. But keeping abreast of affairs has nothing to do with exposing ourselves to the same replays of the same disturbing images, followed by the same mindless blather, hour after hour, day after day.


    If we don’t watch out, we find ourselves drawn into the morbid spectacle of news as a spectator sport, tragedy as entertainment. Our brains simply weren’t built for this.

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    As a change of pace, you might want to consider a media-free day - no TV, no radio, no social media, no internet. See how quiet sounds, for a change. Give it a go, see how you feel. You might want to make this a regular practice.


    Thanks for listening. Over and out ...

Published On: November 30, 2014