Your Holiday Season Survival Reminder

John McManamy Health Guide

    In case you’re wondering, that’s a Christmas tree I put up. The holiday season is the most difficult time of year for me. Last year, in the wake of a personal loss, it was a total write-off.


    Nevertheless, even in those situations, I do manage to at least buy a poinsettia plant and stick it somewhere. If nothing else, I’m making a statement, an act of defiance, even.


    The holiday season nearly killed me back in 1998. I’m lucky to be alive.


    This year, I bought a real tree and went to town on the decorations. I even had a friend over to help me decorate it, and plan on doing some more entertaining. As it happens, I’m in a much better frame of mind than I was last year at this time. Hence the extra effort.

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    I know the holidays are a major challenge for many of you, as well. Fortunately, most of you have have already figured out how to survive. So just this quick reminder ...


    If you haven’t done so already, please review what works for you this time of year, and make every effort to convert your wisdom into action. If making a donation to a worthy cause makes you feel good, then do that. You want to spend the money on a gift for yourself - don’t hold back, you deserve it.


    Finally, never give up on the idea that this holiday season may truly be a joyous one. You never know. 

Published On: December 15, 2014