Welcome to My World: A World Bipolar Day Meditation

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  • Today, March 30, is World Bipolar Day. A confession: I’m not much of a fan of world bipolar days. Every day for me is bipolar day. It’s not a choice, it’s just the way things are. Sample, for instance, the opening lines of a book on bipolar that I am working on:


    It’s time …


    When I step out of the house, I go through the same mental checklist as everyone else - keys, wallet, phone, on and on. But I'm also performing a systems check on my brain. This sort of thing runs in the background all the time, but when I'm headed out the door the exercise assumes a quality of anal high drama, like a shuttle launch countdown ...

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    Make sure my head is screwed on right. 


    Ha! If people only knew. I live with bipolar. Most of the time I go about my life as if I don't have it, but that is only because I take nothing - including an operational brain - for granted. Breathe! I remind myself. All systems go. I'm ready to face the day. 


    As for the world in World Bipolar Day, precisely which world are people talking about? In my memoir, I note:


    Maybe someday, aliens will kindly abduct me and return me to the planet of my birth.


    In the meantime, I’m stuck on this one, not a planet of my own choosing, performing my own stunts, learning as I go along. As I like to joke: We’re peanut butter people stuck in a tofu world governed by Vulcans.


    Back to the beginning: Bipolar is not for a day. Let’s instead celebrate our bipolar lives - the ups, the downs, the bad, the good, the ridiculous, the sublime. Give lip-service to normal, but stay true to bipolar. After all, it’s who we are.


    As for the alien world we find ourselves on: Do your best to adapt and adjust. But also dare to create your own world. Make your own connections, find your own community. Keep in mind, we only find our safe places once we’ve stood our ground.


    So why don’t we make a commitment to validating one another? To our lives and the world we choose to create. Why not, in fact, make a day of it? A World Bipolar Day.


    Make some noise. Celebrate. Have a good one …


Published On: March 30, 2015