Why Is God Laughing?

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  • In my previous blog, written at the end of 2007, I looked back. Time now to look ahead, but first a disclaimer:

    How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans. (Woody Allen joke.)

    There is no place like home

    Last year I did way too much traveling, involving nearly two months of not sleeping in my own bed. Three of my trips involved nerve-wracking delayed flights and missed connections in various states of sleep-deprivation. For me, this is the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette.

    All my trips required long recuperations waiting for my neurons to slowly come back on line. On every one, I hemorrhaged heard-earned money on things like bad food.
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    This year, I’ve got just two trips planned - Washington DC for the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting (combined with some nearby whistle stops) and New Zealand for my daughter’s wedding. I’ll be giving DBSA and NAMI a miss, and I’ll be foregoing any speaking gigs.

    Undoubtedly, something will come up and I’ll be there, but my general rule is to stay within my time zone. My neurons will thank me for this.

    So what will I do at home?

    I have a website - McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web (www.mcmanweb.com) - that I neglected all of last year. This is not a good thing, as the 300-article site is just one of two for bipolar recommended by JAMA. Right now, I am learning Adobe Dreamweaver with the intention of giving the site a complete overhaul. In addition to a facelift and content updates, I’m planning to add new interactive features and restore old ones, such as reader feedback.

    In conjunction with the website, I am also learning the Garage Band and iMovie programs that came with my new Mac and MacBook. My intention is to get into podcasting and doing short videos. Was that God laughing?

    Originally, I was going to do an “Eating Well” book as a follow-up to my “Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder” book. Now I’m convinced that a recovery book is the way to go. In order to make an editor sit up and pay attention, I will need five unequivocally-riveting sample chapters, plus an outline, plus a marketing plan. I have a fairly good idea of what I intend to write, but the book may have other ideas. It’s like a roast in the oven - ready is not up to you.

    In the meantime, my other writing keeps me going full-time. First, there is McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Report. This is my free email newsletter (sign-up at mcmanweb.com). This is where I report new research and clinical findings. Everything that I research tends to get reported first here. My newsletter was the basis of a major international award I received last year. In 2007, I put out 19 Reports. My goal this year is 25.

    In addition, I do this blog for BipolarConnect, which last year received a best of web award, plus a series on recovery, plus an “ask the expert patient” feature.

    My major challenge is to stay productive while keeping balance in my life. Fortunately, my work is my major recovery tool. Everything about it I find healing. But I do need to be mindful of the fact that I tend to isolate myself.

  • Now that I’ll be home
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    I resolve to clean my room once a month, whether it needs it or not. God, wipe that smile off your face.
Published On: January 03, 2008