Britney - Death by Amusement?

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Did she know something about herself that we didn’t?

    In March 2004, Britney Spears appeared in a music video taking pills and fashionably drowning in the bath tub. In the face of a public outcry, her record label yanked the video. What was then an outrage, in hindsight, may turn into prophecy.

    In case you were in a coma the last week, the pop star was brought to a psych hospital in restraints under a 5150, which is the term Californians use for an involuntary psychiatric hold. After 48 hours, she was no longer deemed to be a danger to herself or others and released, free to act out what is turning out to be a slow-motion suicide for our public amusement.
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    There has been a lot of public speculation about Britney’s psychiatric condition, that she may have a substance use problem, that she may have bipolar, that she may be suffering from post-partum depression, that she may have a personality disorder, and so on.

    We have a lot to speculate about. The shaved head incident, her MTV Awards performance, her bad marriages, losing custody of her kids, it goes on and on ...

    Here’s the deal: You take anyone and expose them to what Britney’s been through and they will end up like Britney. No one is that resilient. We all have our breaking points. This poor kid was doomed from the moment her mother enrolled her in her first dance class.

    Yes, she very badly needs psychiatric help, but no amount of treatment or therapy is going to clear the paparazzi off the streets for her. These people are thugs with cameras. Britney was way too kind in merely running over the foot of one these jackals. The sooner they are rounded up and executed live on Entertainment Tonight the better.

    Unfortunately, the paparazzi exist only because of us. What started as an innocent fascination over the lives of celebrities has turned into an insatiable addiction, and now this - public human sacrifice. Make no mistake - Britney’s tragic unraveling in full view of the cameras has made great entertainment. We are no better that the mobs in the Coliseum that cheered on the lions.

    What Britney needs is at least a year in the witness protection program in a place like the middle of Wyoming. She needs to be able to feel secure in her own home without a video camera shooting her through a window. She needs to be able to step outside her door and breathe the air without being accosted by bullying mobs. She needs to shop for groceries in peace. She needs to learn how to shop for groceries.

    But it’s not going to happen. She only knows one life. And there can only be one end to that life, the way things are going.

    We can only guess when the next time Britney decides to submerge herself in a tub full of water. Undoubtedly, a camera will catch her in the act. This time around, she is unlikely to be acting.
Published On: January 08, 2008