A Time to Be Happy

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  • Yikes! It’s Tuesday! Tomorrow I’m outta here.

    To catch up: My last conference wrapped up in early November. After more than six months of extended travel, I was both stressed-out and burnt-out and looking forward to three or four months of a reduced work-load in a state of semi-hibernation in the house I share with two others way out in the mountains.

    As it happened, I used literally avery minute of that time engaged in the Mission Impossible task of over-hauling my website. Thankfully - just in the nick of time - I completed the task. New foundation, new roof, plumbing and wiring, new everything. I just laid down some fresh lawn, and the paint is drying. The site looks beautiful.
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    Time to get off my mountain.

    Tomorrow, I board AMTRAK from San Diego to LA. There I will hang out with a good friend for two days. On Friday evening I board Air New Zealand. If everything goes right, I will sleep on the flight and wake up Sunday morning in Auckland. The International Date Line eats up Saturday. Then a short hop to Wellington.

    My daughter lives in Wellington. She is getting married to a wonderful guy on March 15. My first wife is a Kiwi. I spent 11 years in New Zealand. My daughter was born there and grew up there. She is beautiful, smart, personable, funny, insightful, complex, compassionate, and wise. I can say this with confidence because every word is true.

    As bipolars, we tend to focus on everything that goes wrong in our lives and how miserable we are. Our illness is one of the worst on the planet, so this is a rational approach. To manage the bad stuff, we have to be brutally candid in acknowledging it.

    But an important aspect of managing is imagining. Even if happiness is eluding us, we somehow need to see a way clear to happiness. We need to be able to imagine ourselves happy. Otherwise, we are doomed to remain stuck in our misery and sense of helplessness.

    I am going to New Zealand to celebrate a very happy occasion. I intend to share my happiness with all of you. I will post short blogs from my personal Cloud Nine. There is a time for writing about how to deal with the unjust burden we call life. I will take up these duties when I return to my mountain.

    Right now, this is my time to be happy. Yes, I’m starting to remember what it’s like.
Published On: March 04, 2008