Almost There: Gearing Up for My Book Launch

John McManamy Health Guide
  • In my last blog I mentioned that I had formally wrapped up my five-month conference season. Just in time, too, for I’m now into my book season, which will be running well into 2007.

    My book, “Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder” (HarperCollins), comes out Oct 17, and I’m kind of like an expectant father. I’m putting the finishing touches to my standard 30-minute presentation I plan to be taking on the road, and, as they say in show biz, the production is “in rehearsal.”

    My “out-of-town tryout” of all places is in New York, at the Marriott Marquis, which is smack dab in the middle of Broadway. This will be ten days before my book comes out, so I won’t have any copies on hand. The event is Celebration Recovery, which will be bringing together mental health professionals with patients. I’ll perform a five-minute slice of my talk, hand out promo literature, and do lots of networking.
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    I debut in Chicago at the DBSA’s national conference on Oct 21, where I will be autographing books (no talk). Then it’s three consecutive nights at three different venues in Chicago with author Tom Wootton. While I’m in Chicago, I’ll probably do at least one book store appearance, plus I’ll be doing the first of a series of radio interviews by phone.

    I’m aiming for sometime in November for an official book launch in Princeton, my home base, plus maybe a book store appearance or two, plus I’m locked into a date in Connecticut.

    I’m leaving Dec open, as there is way too much competition with holiday madness. But I will be using the time to fill in my 2007 calendar. My east coast strategy is relatively simple. I’m located right in the middle of the Bos-Wash corridor. All aboard Amtrak. For other regions of the country, I will be looking to do three or four or more back-to-back appearances in one haul.

    Since I am not Kitty Dukakis, my publisher is not about to arrange a book tour for me, much less bankroll one, nor get me on Larry King, though they will get me some media attention. From a sales point of view, the value in having HarperCollins for a publisher means my book will be in all the major book stores. Minor publishers and self-publishers lack this marketplace clout. The HarperCollins name also imbues me with instant credibility and authority. They’re publishing my book. I MUST be an expert.

    But if I sit tight in New Jersey, my book will eventually sink like a rock to the bottom of the deepest chasm in Bikini Bottom. That’s why I’m talking to support group leaders and other interested parties coast to coast, plus potential sponsors. Yes, I will also be conducting an aggressive internet campaign, where I can reach hundreds of thousands of patients and loved ones, but this is no substitute for meeting people face-to-face, however small the gathering.

    I’m convinced that all of you out there will get a lot out of my book, and just to prove it, I will be looking to personally talk to as many of you as possible. Let me know if you share the same interest. You can contact me at Send me an email. We’ll talk.
Published On: September 29, 2006