Celebrating One Year with HealthCentral

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Today marks my first anniversary of writing blogs at BipolarConnect for HealthCentral. In theory, blogging is supposed to be easier than the more technical writing I had been doing for my Newsletter and Website. But in writing, as in cooking and the rest of life, simple is usually hard. If I really wanted to excel at this new medium, I would have to work at it.

    It didn’t help that a year ago exactly, I was in a pretty bad depression. What to write about? My depression. That took care of my first month at BipolarConnect. More blogs followed, but I was starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. What now? That day, I had bought a toaster that was better looking than my friend’s $90,000 Porsche. Why don’t I write about that? A toaster blog. My mind had turned a conceptual corner. I was going to make it.
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    I’m a person living with bipolar disorder. My blogs had to emphasize the living as much as the bipolar. Slices of life. Making a home-made pizza, playing with my cat, figuring out how to make a marriage work, having to report for jury duty. Everyday, my illness presented new challenges, offered new surprises, gave me something to write about. Other times I did straight bipolar reporting – support groups, hypomania, the DSM. Other times still, I shared my recipes.

    When my conference season began at the end of April, some of my blogs took the shape of a journalist’s journal. Now, with my book upon me, I’m adding an author’s diary dimension to my blogging.

    This was a year of surprises for me. Learning always is. Here’s to another year of surprises. Thank you, Emily, my editor at HealthCentral, and thank you, readers, for sharing this journey with me.
Published On: October 10, 2006