Appreciating the Most Precious Gift

John McManamy Health Guide
  • Today I learned that author Bebe Moore Campbell died of complications from brain cancer. She was 56.

    Ms Campbell was a best-selling author, including “Brothers and Sisters.” She also had bipolar disorder, which posed special challenges to her as a wife and mother. In 2003, she published a kid’s book, “Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry,” which won her an accolade from NAMI.

    I heard her speak a few years ago at a NAMI convention. To say she was the original “It Girl” is an understatement. She came across as someone who had it all, plus possessing the wisdom and humanity of one who has been through much.
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    So here I am, in a hotel room in New Jersey, contemplating a busted marriage and wishing I were dead. And here is someone my age who with so much to offer … gone. What is wrong with this picture?

    I am still here, in possession of that most precious gift, the gift of life. Until a few minutes ago, I felt ready to return it back to the cosmic customer service center. Ms Campbell’s untimely passing serves as a timely wake-up call to what a stupid thought that was. She seemingly had it all. Now I’ve got what she doesn’t have. I’m not about to throw it away.
Published On: December 04, 2006