Question of the Week: Your Personal Dreams & Fantasies

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  • Personal dreams and fantasies can be healthy. Granted, an individual who overdoes living in a fantasy world has a lot of adjustments to make, but I guarantee a person with no dreams or fantasies is a very depressed person.

    This week's Question of the Week is about personal dreams and fantasies that could conceivably come true tomorrow. For example:


    You are shopping in the mall. A producer from your favorite TV show stops you, talks to you, and says you are perfect for a new bit character for the show. Shooting starts tomorrow ...

    You show up at a pot-luck function with your signature ribs or casserole or chocolate chip cookies or whatever. A stranger digs in and comments that your masterpiece should be featured on The Food Network. Suddenly you realize the stranger is celebrity chef Bobby Flay. ...

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    You stop to help a stranger marooned on the side of the road. You look under the hood, and in one second you have the car started. The grateful driver says he is always looking for good mechanics like you. He hands you his business card. The name says: Rusty Wallace.

    The phone rings. That contest that you entered a long time ago and forgot all about - it turns out you've won the chance to be a roadie with your favorite band.

    You're playing your usual Sunday round of golf, but today is different. The ball travels off the face of your driver like a rocket. It finds the green like it came equipped with GPS and plops in the hole with one putt. Your reward is simple: The perfect round of golf.

    Fire fighters are standing helpless outside a burning building. With preternatural instincts, you throw danger aside - you break through the barricades, shimmy up a rain spout, dive into a window, race down a hall, scoop up a baby, and jump safely out the window and into a giant air mattress just as the building collapses.

    Now to the question:

    Do you identify with any of the above scenarios? Would you identify with slightly different scenarios? Feel free to elaborate all you want. Also feel free to elaborate if you do not identify with these scenarios.

Published On: June 02, 2009