Question of the Week - Humorously Embarrassing Moments

John McManamy Health Guide
  • This really happened to me more than 30 years ago:


    I was living in Vancouver, Canada at the time. I was in an obscure corner of the public library, just me among the book stacks. A "stinker" slipped out. I think this was the start of global warming. Another one escaped, then another. By now I was in breach of several articles of the Geneva Convention. They don't make gas masks strong enough for this.


    It was time to make my escape.


    Too late! Out of nowhere emerged an officious-looking librarian - you know the type - wheeling a book trolley. She stopped, she sniffed, she looked in my direction. Just me and the aroma.

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    All these years later, it still brings a smile to my face.


    We all have embarrassing moments. At the time, you want to shrink through a crack in the floor. The next day, you are regaling your friends with your account of the incident. Question: Tell us all about it.



Published On: July 24, 2009