Question of The Week - No Rhyme or Reason

John McManamy Health Guide
  • This happened to me a couple of weeks ago: I misplaced my cell phone. I needed to update my plan, anyway, so I walked into the AT&T store and told the sales clerk: Cheapo replacement phone, new simplified phone plan.


    To me, a phone is a phone. Don't make my life any more complicated than it already is.


    "Why don't you show me the iPhone?" I said. It just popped out. Then: "Never mind. Just sign me up for the thing."


    I swear, this is true. So now I have an iPhone with more apps than records that Michael Jackson ever sold. Not only that, I'm totally cool with it.


    Question: Has reason ever totally deserted you? (Hey, we're bipolar - of course it has.) Tell us about it.

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Published On: August 19, 2009