Friday, March 24, 2017
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How to Deal with the Stigma of Depression

Years after my father died and some time after I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I learned from my mother that my father had secretly sought treatment for depression. Rather than risk being found out by going through his company’s health plan, he paid out of his own pocket.


This would have been back in the early... Read moreChevron

Paranoia, Helping Your Loved One, A Word to the Young: Three Questions, Three Answers

Several days ago, I presented a webinar, The Five Faces of Normal, hosted by the International Bipolar Foundation. My talk ran 35 minutes, question time a lot longer. My audience came up with extremely intelligent (and often challenging) questions. Here are the... Read moreChevron

My Webinar Saga - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

 Yesterday I presented a webinar - “The Five Faces of Normal” - hosted by the International Bipolar Foundation. Following is the short version of my saga... Read moreChevron

Last-Minute Holiday Reminders

A final reminder about the holidays …


This can be an extremely stressful and depressing time for many of us. Hidden traps await everywhere. On one hand, we may be harboring unrealistically high expectations. On the other, we may be all too quickly cave in to despair.


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Reflections on our Mortality: We Gain Deeper Wisdom

Warning: This post is on the dark side, and touches on sensitive issues. Please feel free to click on to my other posts.


If you’re reading this, chances are you have survived a suicidal depression. You’re never the same, after. You have looked death... Read moreChevron