Sunday, March 26, 2017
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A Dr Koukopoulos Appreciation

My new book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN, heavily relies on four old-school authorities. Indeed, their work forms the conceptual core of my book. With one or two exceptions, in comparison, the newer kids on the block come across as mere second-raters. This is because, as eminent schizophrenia researcher Nancy Andreasen explains in a 2007 journal... Read moreChevron

A Quick Thanksgiving Reminder


Thanksgiving and bipolar sometimes don't mix. Case in point, from my new book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN: UNDERSTANDING MOOD IN BIPOLAR DISORDER:


Remember that... Read moreChevron

Introducing My New Book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN

This is my new book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN: UNDERSTANDING MOOD IN BIPOLAR DISORDER, now available on Amazon as an e-book. A paperback version is in the works.


My goal in... Read moreChevron

Time for a Media Break

Every six months or so, I feel compelled to issue a reminder that it may be a good idea to take a complete news break. This applies to social media, as well.


The last couple of weeks have exposed us to extremely disturbing images and equally disturbing commentary. Even the so-called normal have difficulty processing what is... Read moreChevron

You and Your Moods: A New Book and a Novel Look at Bipolar, One Month Away From Publication

Last week, I finished my draft to a book I am writing on bipolar. The book is to be part of a six-book series that I intend to self-publish and update regularly. The series will be called The Bipolar Expert Series. By bipolar expert, I am talking about you. My goal is to make you an expert patient.


Back in 2006, I... Read moreChevron