Sunday, March 26, 2017
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John McManamy's Posts

When Research Becomes Relevant: Looking at CREST.BD

A couple of years ago, I came across a bipolar research organization, founded in 2007 and based in Vancouver, BC, called CREST.BD. Thanks to funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), part of Health Canada, the organization is poised... Read moreChevron

Concerning Wellness: Encouraging Results From a Pilot Study

“Wellness” is not a topic one expects to come across at psychiatric conferences. The emphasis is always on illness and its treatments. “When I was young,” Saundra Jain, a San Antonio-based psychotherapist let us know, “wellness was never mentioned.”


The venue was - a psychiatric... Read moreChevron

J&J and VW: Tale of Two Corporate Scandals

The last couple of weeks have seen the breaking of two major corporate scandals. The first involved the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson aggressively marketing its antipsychotic medication Risperdal to the elderly and the very young, despite the obvious risks. The company pleaded guilty to a crime and wound up paying $2 billion in... Read moreChevron

Psychedelics as Therapy: We're Not There Yet, But the Possibilities Are Fascinating

The last thing I expected to encounter at a mainstream psychiatric convention was a session on psychedelics as a possibility for treating psychiatric conditions. But not only did I encounter the session - the session was well-attended.


The occasion was the Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress held last week in San Diego.... Read moreChevron

Guts, Brains, and Microbes: In Search of Upstream Solutions to Psychiatric Disorders

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about microbes lately, how they far outnumber the cells in our body, how many illnesses (and their treatments) may be microbial related, and how what happens in the gut may influence what goes on in the brain, including our moods.


At the Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress last... Read moreChevron