Molipaxin (Trazodone) Antidepressant Recommended

Kattz Community Member
  • I've been on Molipaxin for nearly 6 months now, and am not on a the full dose of 150mg.


    It's been the only medicine I've been on that had noticeable antidepressant effects, and since being on the 150mg dose, I'd say it works very well.


    Another benefit of Molipaxim is that it functions as an alternative for people who have bad reactions to SSRIs, like myself.


    Side effects are uncommon and minor by comparison. The only possible "side effect" I've experienced is slight drowsiness, which I actually find useful to get to sleep. 


    I highly recommend this medication. It's taken me out of a very bad place, and continues to help me cope.

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Published On: June 10, 2010