Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Well, I do get depressed.  It's not like I'm riding the pink cloud for very long.  I wake up in the morning and just before true conciousness, sort of pre-counsness I would guess and I think of all the horrible things that I have done to mostly my kids in my life. Mt-6 schools in his shool years to where he never had friends and never... Read moreChevron

Being Human

Yes, I do mean the BBC series.  Am I to define myself and let others define me by my disorder.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I think it protects me from being hasseled into doing things that are beyond my capabilites due to that disorder, or due, frankly, because ot the med's I'm on.  I get so exhausted SOMETIMES because of my... Read moreChevron

IRS was better than my psychiatrist

Really, Mr M at the IRS was so sympathetic he was tempted to wipe ot the 2012 debt.  But he didn't and he didn't put it through for garnishment either.  Have a payment plan to forestall garnishment but I can pay it off within 120 days.  He said he din't see "d's" amount on there. Oh its there allright, were just not talking today... Read moreChevron

More horrible than I thought

So I spoke with Dr S and was released.  Told him than any history that  they would need they would  have  to  get it out of the manila file cuz I certainly wasn't going  tell the anything.  It was absolutely none of their business.  That being said I phoned the clinic to make an apointment.  I have... Read moreChevron

Standing on the line between

So, I have been told by my "social worker" that I now, becasue I am med's only that I must have services transfered to another clinc with a Dr K.  down the hill - actually right around the cul d sac where I work- for treatment to be more effective.  Effective.  Really.  Like I get to tell my story all over again to yet... Read moreChevron

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