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    Ice Queen writes:


    My doctor has said that the best way to treat my bipolar is with lithium but i am just not 100% sure about it. At first i thought well if it helps me stop doing stupid things then taking a tablet is not really much of big deal. But now that i have started to take the tests to see if i am ok to take the lithium, doubts have started to kick in do i really have bipolar disorder what if i don't have it and i start on the lithium. I know deep down that i have bipolar. I know my doctor has given me the right diagnosis but i just can't stop these thoughts running through my brain at such a speed. Then my thoughts switch to this is an illness that is never going to go away something i am going to have to live with for the rest of my life. It's going to affect every part of my life. I think i am just confused at this point in time. Still that question is lithium the way forward.

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    Hi, Ice Queen. I think you answered your own question, and it is yes. You say you "know deep down" that you have bipolar. When the thought comes from you deep down, that is as good as a second medical opinion from the top bipolar expert in the world, as far as I'm concerned.


    Whether lithium is the right med: At this stage, lithium - or any other med - is going to do the heavy lifting for you right now. Later on, when you learn more and pick up more coping skills and get your diet-sleep-exercise going for you, you may have reasons to reconsider your meds strategy. But for now, it is wise to treat your lithium as a life-saving medication that is going to start you on your hopeful road to recovery. Be smart, live well ...



Published On: September 10, 2007