Bipolar Answers for 9/10/07

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  • Do you have questions about bipolar disorder? Every two weeks, I'll answer new questions and post the answers here, in our Ask the Expert Patient section.


    To start out, I will be going through HealthCentral's backlog of questions and posting every two or three days before I settle into a two-week schedule.


    If you would like to ask a question about bipolar disorder or living with bipolar disorder, please write a SharePost and be sure to select "a question" in the drop-down menu next to "I want to create a SharePost that is a," which is Step 2 on the SharePost creation screen.


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    Now, on to our first round of questions and answers...


    1. Get Up and Go Got Up and Went. Full Question and Answer
    2. Light Boxes for Winter Depression? Full Question and Answer
    3. Gambling and Financial Woes. Full Question and Answer
    4. To Lithium or Not to Lithium. Full Question and Answer
    5. Hypersexuality and Bipolar. Full Question and Answer
    6. Integrative Psychiatry and Holism. Full Question and Answer

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Published On: September 10, 2007