Depression, Fatigue, and Physical Symptoms: Relation?

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    TryingHard asks:

    Does anyone else experience a severe mood alteration when sick with the flu or cold?




    Hi, TryingHard. Depressions often come loaded with physical symptoms. If you think of depression as an assault on the body and immune system as well as the mind, your situation makes perfect sense. Also keep in mind, cold and flu are accompanied by fatigue, as is depression.




    Laura asks:


    I'm a mystery to my Pdocs through the years. I 'cycle' every 5-6 weeks with debilitating fatique and nausea. It comes on suddenly and goes away just as suddenly. Have it longer come fall, now am in my 7th day and every January it presents itself for 6 weeks . Nothing helps or stops this and I'm getting quite weary as I've missed another week of work with 'no explanation'.


    After 25 plus years of this with nothing found wrong and being treated for depression they have concluded that during these spells I'm depressed. Just received 'new' dx of bipolar II around 2 yrs ago.


    Any input greatly appreciated.


    Anybody here of this possibly?


    Great site BTW.




    Hi, Laura. I can't account for the nausea, but fatigue is often part of the depression cycle. And depression often comes loaded with physical symptoms. Hopefully, with a mood stabilizer and various coping techniques you can learn to manage the cycle.

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Published On: October 06, 2007