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    Colleen asks:


    Bipolar disorder runs in my family. My mom, grandmother, and brother are all bipolar. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for about 4 years. He has diagnosed me with just depression, but none of the medicine he gives me works. When I found out it ran in my family I did research and I'm almost certain that I have bipolar disorder. The only problem is my psychiatrist won't listen. What do I do?




    Hi, Colleen. Find a psychiatrist who listens. Failure to respond to antidepressants is a very good reason for a competent psychiatrist to reconsider the diagnosis. You may still have clinical depression, but it may be a cycling kind of depression that best responds to a bipolar med such as a mood stabilizer. A psychiatrist who listens will work with you on this.

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Published On: October 06, 2007