Does the Craziness Ever End?

HatedSpouse Community Member
  • This is my first post.  My husband of 28 years is bipolar.  He is receiving cognitive therapy and has an appointment to meet with a doctor for evaluation to start meds.  He has always been difficult and highly critical of me and others but I just thought this was his personality.  Over the last two years his behavior has turned  to very aggressive rage and very mean vicious verbal attacks directed to me.  The rage has turned to smashing, throwing and breaking whatever he can reach at the moment.  He never behaved this way before.  About two years ago he started an affair and has continued this affair with the same woman.  He is more sexual then ever before.  He has developed a habit of walking in front of windows in our home without clothes on.  When I talk to him about it he says no one can see him which is not true.  He tells lies all the time so much that I don't know anymore what is true and what is not.  He seems to forget a lot of things that have just happened.  He was always very conservative with spending - now all he wants to do is shop.  He spends more time at the malls than I do and before he never wanted to go shopping. Even his taste in clothing has changed from conservative colors to very bright colors.  I have been rambling on but my basic question is after starting to take prescribed drugs to control his behavior do you think he will stop the resentment he feels towards me?  Does the other woman ever get this type of mean vicious treatment or only the spouse? I appreciate all comments.
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Published On: June 25, 2007