What's a Good Day for You?

Marcia Purse Health Guide
  • For a long time I've been telling my psychiatrist that I seem to have one good day for every two or three - or four - bad days. So just what makes a good day good?


    For me, it's accomplishing things. That could mean clearing the sink of the dirty dishes that have piled up during the previous bad days, doing laundry, doing work (I work from home), or any of a hundred other tasks that need to be done daily or weekly OR have piled up because I haven't gotten to them for the last 10 or 20 good days.


    I wish good days could be days when I don't have to do anything - when I could go out and sit by the lake and dream, or walk in the forest preserves, or sit by the fireplace and read. But for now, I seek the good days when I make a dent in what the bad days have left for me to do.

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    What are your good days?



Published On: September 30, 2010