A Weird Kind of Depression

Marcia Purse Health Guide
  • Does anyone else go through periods like this - where you're acting depressed but don't feel depressed?


    I've been quiet for most of the last two months because I've been struggling quite a bit. It started with an injury on September 9th - I had a bad fall that broke a couple of small bones in my back and did something awful to my right sciatic nerve. (All this because I made a mistake with my meds and got dizzy.)


    Everything is mostly healed now, but after spending 3 weeks sleeping an awful lot, I found my energy gone and continued having to get a lot of extra sleep - which has interfered like crazy with my workload.

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    But it's not just that. As I look at my symptoms, I see a lot that fit the description of depression:

    • I'm still fatigued even though I should be over that by now
    • I sleep too much
    • My appetite is gone, and
    • I have a great deal of trouble making decisions.

    These are all symptoms that are mentioned in the official criteria for diagnosing a depressive episode. What's missing is that I don't feel sad and I haven't lost pleasure in activities I enjoy - and one of those two symptoms is required for such a diagnosis.


    So my behavior and my thought processes are both depressive, but my mood isn't.


    Sound familiar? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.


Published On: October 31, 2010