Bipolar Disorder and Health Insurance

Marcia Purse Health Guide
  • I've had excellent health insurance for many years, but it's about to end - in just a few days. The company I work for no longer qualifies for a group policy, and we only found out about this three days ago. Now I'm in a scramble to find my own individual health insurance.


    The Affordable Care Act provision that prohibits insurance companies from denying insurance to adults because of pre-existing conditions doesn't go into effect until 2014. (It is already in effect for children.) Will I be able to obtain health insurance? I won't know until I have filled out and submitted an incredibly long and complicated application and wait to hear back.

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    No matter what, because the insurance company screwed up and only gave us 6 days' notice, I will be without coverage for at least a short period of time. If they turn me around for individual insurance, it could be a lot longer while I go through other options.


    I take 8 medications, and 3 of them are not available in generic form. Two of those are psychiatric drugs. I will not be able to afford any of those three.


    On that has had a $30 copay would cost me over $400 a month without insurance. A second with the same copay would cost about $170, and a third that now has a $50 copay would go up to over $550. And one of my psychiatric generics, currently with a $15 copay, would cost $250 a month without insurance.


    For those 4 prescriptions alone - almost $1,400 a month. That's money I just don't have.


    I'm fortunate that I recently got 90-day supplies of all four of these drugs. But if I can't find insurance before they run out, I'll have a serious problem. My current psych meds are working very well, but if I can't afford them, they'll have to be changed.


    I'm nervous.

Published On: September 27, 2011