Expert Roundup: Great Posts for Bipolars

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  • If you are subscribed to my posts but not the posts of other HealthCentral Experts, you may have missed some very helpful material they've written. Here are some excellent posts by my fellow experts that you ought to read:


    Jerry Kennard: "How to Select a Therapist"
    My first therapist was recommended to me by an Employee Assistance Program counselor, and my second by my psychiatrist. Were these my best options? Jerry's article suggests to me that one was, one wasn't. What he says might have helped me do better.


    Lynne Taetzsch: "Living with Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder"
    A good percentage of people with bipolar also have one or more anxiety disorders. Lynne gives some thoughtful insights about the effects of anxiety on her life that may give you some things to think about.

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    GJ Gregory: "Tips for Raising a Child with Bipolar Disorder"
    GJ, who has bipolar, and his wife have five children including one diagnosed bipolar as well. They have some wise tips for raising a family that includes a bipolar child.


    Deborah Gray: "7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor"
    I realized, when I read this, that I've never asked my doctor some of these questions - and they are all good ones. I'll bet you'll discover the same thing.


    Merely Me: "Relaxation for Real People"
    I really enjoyed this post. It made me feel far less guilty about the things I'm not able to do to relax - the things my friends do that just don't work for me.


    Eileen Bailey: "10 Things You Need to Know About Anxiety Medications Before You Take Them"
    Yes, you really do need to know these things. For example, no one told me, when I was first prescribed an anti-anxiety drug, that it could be addictive. When I needed to stop taking it, the withdrawal symptoms made me feel ill for three months.


    John McManamy: "Sex and Bipolar: A New Conversation"
    People with bipolar disorder have a number of sexual issues. They ask questions but often don't get good answers. John takes a look at these questions in an ongoing series of SharePosts. View his post list to find the posts that follow this one.


    These folks and the other experts in bipolar disorder and related conditions like depression and anxiety have a great deal to offer to the bipolar community. I know you can expand your knowledge and self-awareness with their help.

Published On: December 27, 2011