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  • A month ago I was in my psychiatrist's office talking about my depression. It was bad, and we decided to add Wellbutrin to my medication cocktail.


    There was a glitch with the prescription, though, and I didn't even get a chance to pick it up. The next day I was transported by ambulance to a hospital emergency room, passing blood from ischemic colitis and feeling pretty damn awful. I was there for most of five days, hooked up to IV fluids and antibiotics, getting morphine fairly regularly, and on a clear liquid diet until the last day.


    I was sent home on the 5th afternoon because that's all my insurance company would authorize. By then there was no more bleeding or pain in my gut, but because there is such a high danger of serious infection with ischemic colitis, I had to take two oral antibiotics for another ten days.

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    While I was in the hospital, and when I first got home, I was too out of it to even have a mood. Slept and slept, and when I wasn't sleeping I was resting. But after a week at home I really thought I should be getting better.


    That led to frustration and depression. Friends kept telling me to take it easy. Finally I accepted that - sort of. I wanted so much to feel well enough to do some housework, to do some gardening - to be on my feet for more than 30 minutes at a time. And right about that time I finally started taking the Wellbutrin.


    I might have been less frustrated if anyone had told me the recovery period was generally 6-8 weeks.


    It's been almost 5 weeks now, and I'm still not well. Sometimes I have the strength to do housework, and I've done the essential gardening in short bursts. The day before yesterday I did a fair amount of cleaning up in the kitchen, and yesterday a lot of laundry. But today I felt terrible. Accomplished nothing. At least by now I've learned NOT to push myself when my body demands that I rest.


    I think the Wellbutrin must have helped. My mood has held up fairly well since I began taking it. There's been some anxiety, and I'm sweating more than I ought - something Wellbutrin did to me before.


    Even a minor illness like a cold can have a very negative effect on mood. With a major illness coming during a very bad depressive episode, it seems like the additional antidepressant came at just the right time for me.




Published On: May 30, 2012