Game Addiction, Or The Great Escape

Marcia Purse Health Guide
  • So I'm sitting here, in front of my computer, playing various games from Pretty Good Solitaire. They are, indeed, pretty good. My favorites mostly take skill, patience, logic and more skill. The problem is, I can play them for hours.


    I've always been this way since I got my first computer. Game after game after game. I bought Dungeons & Dragons games, then other games. I started downloading free role playing games. Then it was Facebook. I mean, is it really sensible to spend four to five hours a day hunting for eggs and feeding the darned little cannibals? Actually spending REAL MONEY to buy furnishings for a virtual house?

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    The day finally came when I looked at what I was doing and quit all the Facebook games cold turkey. Deleted and blocked the apps. I block every new app whenever people send me requests for it. I've never been tempted again. Those ancient DOS and Windows 95 games are still in my closet gathering dust.


    But I can't break the solitaire habit.


    Before computers, I used to go to the library and take out 7-10 books a week. That was a lot of time reading, and even though it was a lot healthier than playing Terrace 980 times in a couple of weeks, it was still accomplishing the same thing all the games have done: taking me out of myself.


    I have played 30 games of solitaire today - Bastille Day, Carol, Octagon, Diplomat, German Cross, Random... you get the idea. Is this really how I want to spend these particular hours of my life?

Published On: October 11, 2012