When Do I Wash My Hair?!

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  • Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Three weeks ago I had some good days. I'd completely cleaned and reorganized one corner of my kitchen so a TV could be put there. With that, I think, I wouldn't mind cooking so much.


    My hair was clean, my mail was all opened and dealt with. My desk was clear after several days of intense work.


    Now, my hair always has been able to go a long time between shampoos. When it was hanging down to my butt, I didn't have time to wash it more than once a week, because it was too thick to blow dry before my arms gave out and took 5-8 hours to air dry. Sunday was hair washing day.

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    So between then and now, my hair should've been washed 3 more times.


    What went wrong?

    • Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. My diet is lousy, I'm sleeping badly or not enough.

    • I got a new computer. Setting that up, transferring everything from the old computer, installing software, fighting with Windoze 7 - irritating, exasperating, frustrating. For hours a day. For days.

    • The cable company wouldn't install the outlet in the kitchen because it has to go through tile. So much for improving my diet.

    • Can't wash my hair in the morning because I have an appointment at noon and it's cold. Need a nap after the appointment. Now it's 5 pm and too late to wash it, because I do NOT like to go to bed with a wet head. (It's shoulder length now, but still too thick to blow dry. Stylists have to allow a lot of extra time for my appointments.

    • Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue.

    A month ago, as I wrote, I saw a new psychiatrist for the first time. We made limited changes to my meds, ones I didn't expect to affect my sleep, but I've slept worse ever since. I was supposed to see her again a week ago, but she was ill and now it will be another week before I get in. And even then, you don't just make massive changes to meds all at once. Med cocktails can't be shaken or stirred; ingredients have to be added or subtracted a little at a time.


    So I get up morning after morning telling myself I'm going to wash my hair this morning. But first I have to wake up. I don't know about you, but I am not a morning person. It takes about 2 hours for me to wake up on good days, and lately, I'm ready to go back to bed after those 2 hours.


    Then on a good day I pitch in to work. And work, and work, and work, and then I need my nap and then it's 7 pm and it's too late to wash my damn hair!


    And while all this is going on, I've finished setting up the new computer but my desk that was so beautiful is a wreck from the process, I haven't opened the mail in three weeks, I've washed dishes but haven't done any other housework. And I haven't washed my hair.


    Finally the moment came. I went downstairs to feed a cat, and there was the sink, spandy clean because that's one thing I've been keeping up with. Do it. But it's 4:30 pm! Do it anyway.


    Before I could talk myself out of it, I did it. My hair is clean.


    And now I want to go take another nap, because my morning nap wasn't very good. But my hair is wet.

Published On: October 15, 2012