What Makes You Tear Your Hair Out?

Marcia Purse Health Guide
  • I'll tell you what makes ME start tearing my hair out - computer problems.


    Today I need to scan some pages into PDF files. No problem, huh? My scanner has software that can do that. Right?


    WRONG. I have a new computer, and I have to reinstall the scanner software to make this work. No problem, I'll just download an updated driver. Solves the problem... NO. The driver and utility don't contain the software needed to scan to PDF.


    And I can't find the scanner software disk. Have looked at each and every disk on my CD shelf. It's not there. It just isn't.


    So here I sit, four hours later, after trying various other ways to scan the documents with unsatisfactory results, searching again and again, stopping to play a game to calm myself down, and getting not another damn thing done in the last 3 hours. On a scale of 1 to 10, computer problems are a 10 on my "Things That Drive Me Crazy" list.

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    I don't think anything else rates that high. Oh sure, my cats can drive me nuts when they ask for attention over and over while I'm at the computer, but it takes a lot of fussing before I blow my top and yell at whichever one is the problem (I have three).


    Running out of cigarettes only rates about a 4, because 99% of the time I can rush out and buy more.


    Having a messy house... if I'm depressed, it just makes me more depressed. In an in-between state, it moves to a 6 on the frustration scale. When I'm good, I work on it.


    Since I made a "home" for my car keys, I rarely lose them. If I do misplace them, that rockets to a 9. Misplacing other things - like my checkbook that disappeared IN THE HOUSE 5-6 weeks ago and still hasn't turned up - can be anywhere from a 5 to a 9. (I gave up and ordered new checks.) (And I swear there are gremlins in my house that hide things.)


    What about you? What frustrates you more than ANYTHING else?

Published On: November 24, 2012