Coping with a Slump

Lynne Taetzsch Health Guide
  • First we have family visit, then we go to Maine for a week, and now that we’re back, I’ve been getting up late and watching Wimbledon every morning. Tennis is the only sport I watch on TV, so it doesn’t seem like a huge crime, but watching TV in the mornings is not good for me, since this is my normal “work” time.

    Adrian said to me yesterday, feeling guilty himself about not doing anything productive, “We’ll get our lives back together after Wimbledon.” I certainly hope so, but a week from today we are flying to Kansas City for another week’s vacation, so I’m beginning to think this summer is a lost cause.
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    Too much down time always makes me feel a) guilty, and b) sluggish. Next, I typically move into a light depression and my brain gets squishy and indecisive. I feel like I’m doing the dead-man’s float and will soon sink to the bottom of the pool.

    Worse yet, we’ve been having absolutely gorgeous weather, which is at a premium in Ithaca, and I’m sitting indoors watching TV. But now it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and the day is mostly gone. I don’t really feel motivated to do anything in particular.

    I finally got the laundry started late today, and that feels like I’m accomplishing something, at least. Now I’ve got to give myself a good kick in the pants and get moving before my slump gets even slumpier.

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Published On: July 11, 2006