Finding Ways to Relieve Tension

Lynne Taetzsch Health Guide
  • I get tense and uptight daily, without much provocation. In a sense, being on edge is my natural state during waking hours. Therefore, anything I can do to calm down and relax is a healthy maneuver.

    This week was especially stressful with dinner to prepare, a stepson staying with us all week, and having neighbors over one night for dinner. Of course I scheduled too much, and since I have performance anxiety and I’m a perfectionist, I put way too much pressure on myself.

    Physical exercise is usually a key ingredient in maintaining balance if you’re bipolar, and for me, that usually means taking a walk outside, preferably in the woods. But recently I discovered another way to relax and becalm myself, with help from a gadget called Resperate.
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    I have high blood pressure and take medication for it, but when it seemed to be rising again, I looked for an alternative to increasing my drug dosage. Resperate is an FDA approved electronic gadget which uses bio-feedback and behavior modification to get you to gradually slow down your breathing rate.

    The first time I tried Resperate, I was amazed at how peaceful I felt afterwards. I had tried meditation in the past, but never very successfully. Resperate gave me the same sense of peace and calm without any effort. And it lowered my blood pressure eventually, too, just like it was supposed to.

    I’ve been using Resperate religiously every day for over three months now. It’s a good habit that is easy to maintain because it only takes fifteen minutes, the experience is pleasurable, and the machine does most of the work.

    Remember to always check with your doctor before trying a new treatment or medical device.

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Published On: December 13, 2006