A Bit Hyper and Out of Focus

Lynne Taetzsch Health Guide
  • My life has been so hectic lately that I haven’t had a chance to breathe. Well, that’s what it feels like to me, even though someone else might look at my schedule and say, “What’s your problem, girl?”

    It’s not that I have been so busy every day, but that there are too many disparate things going on at the same time, some of which I have no control over. My calendar is over-filled with stuff that is supposed to happen, stuff that might happen, and stuff that better happen. A truck may deliver a load of boxes for shipping my large five-foot by five-foot paintings. But when will that truck arrive? Hard to say.
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    Adrian is going to have a cataract operation on his right eye on Wednesday, but they won’t tell us at what time until the afternoon before. I have to remind him to take two different kinds of eye-drops the day before, another kind on the day of the operation, then drive him there and back, and to the post-op appointment the following day.

    Meanwhile, I am taking down an art show at the airport Friday morning, but getting ready to hang another show at a gallery which will open this Friday evening. I have to prepare all the paintings and get them to the gallery before Wednesday, when they’ll hang the show. I’d like to be there when they hang it to make sure they do it right, but I’ll be with Adrian at the cataract operation.

    Today we have an appointment to see our lawyer about changing our wills, and then we take the new dog, Nia, to an interview for doggy day-care. She has been so wild that we can’t let her run loose in the house, and at day-care she will be able to run and play all day with other young dogs. Hopefully that will wear her out. I pray that they accept her, and soon!

    The truck with the boxes that I was worried about did arrive on Friday just as we were about to take off for the weekend with Nia, but due to snow on our driveway, the tractor-trailer could only get half-way up. The helpful young driver got the boxes into our garage for us, and there they sit. We have to get one to the packer this morning because I promised my client her painting would be shipped today.

    With everything going on, I was also behind on writing my blogs for this week. And driving back from our weekend in Pennsylvania with Nia and two sons and a Chihuahua, I had to drink a lot of coffee in order to stay awake. That resulted in not being able to sleep last night, so I took an Ambien, and now this morning I’m groggy.

    Yet here I am, a bit hyper and out of focus, but ready to face the week.

Published On: January 31, 2007