Wake Up, Lynne!

Lynne Taetzsch Health Guide
  • “Wake up, Lynne!”

    I’m in one of those moods where I’m doubting everything I’m doing and want to make major changes.  Just get me out of the status quo.  

    I think I need a road trip.  But wait.  I had one a couple weekends ago, and it didn’t seem to help.  

    I think I need a break from winter.  Temps have been in the low teens for the past two weeks, with the wind-chill making it feel much colder.  Yet the big lake-effect snowstorm in upstate New York missed us, so there’s been no excitement of that kind to stimulate me.  We have a few inches of crusted-over snow and ice, which makes walking in the woods treacherous.  You have to watch your footsteps at all times, and doing just that, I walked into a low-hanging branch the other day.  Ouch!
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    My life feels like a bowl of pudding, swirling around aimlessly while a child stirs it lackadaisically with a wooden spoon.  

    I seem to have forgotten the directions on how to live my life, and can’t remember where I filed them.  There are things I should be doing, and probably an order of priority, but all I can manage is to fiddle with inconsequential minutia.  

    In the middle of the afternoon, I work on a sudoku puzzle.  

    “Wake up, Lynne.”  

    I’m bipolar.  My mood will change.  And I’m going to go for a walk now to help it along!  

Published On: March 12, 2007